As I was driving to church, God was showing me that, “His living water brings life wherever it goes and that water generally flows downwards.  As we take an attitude of humility and take the low place, that’s where the living waters of the Holy Spirit start to collect and seep downwards and water the dormant seeds in our life and bring life.”

Bill Johnson in his sermon, “Grace pays”, quotes a time where water was found in a desert place. Someone decided to experiment by just adding water to a marked off squared area without planting anything. Life burst out and seeds which had been dormant for hundreds if not thousands of years came back to life. Just by adding water, God can bring growth and end our period of drought, of dormancy, of slumber.

Even when we feel that we are like Gideon, hiding while we thresh wheat in a wine-press, God turns up and gives us a great commission and tell us to “Go with the strength you have.”  Too often we sit there and wait for the perfect conditions to materialise before we do anything, but God says “start with what you have”.

Living WaterReferences

  • Judges 6: Gideon
  • Ezekiel 47: River of life
  • Isaiah 43:19-21 Rivers in the desert
  • Isaiah 55: Ho everyone who is thirsty…
  • John 4: Woman of Samaria and water of life
  • John 7: Out of your belly will flow rivers of living water


© Michelle Sherlock 12/4/14.


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