Mischief our rescue cat helps us enjoy the lighter side of life  Photo of black and white cat staring out against a red and blue and cream background.

Today I thank God for Mischief our rescue cat who helps us enjoy the lighter side of life

We adopted our rescue cat ‘Mischief’ from the RSPCA when she was about 8 months old as a form of therapy for me and as a distraction for the kids from the fact I wasn’t really coping!  My husband had always adored cats so he was thrilled too!  It genuinely has been one of the best decisions ever and I really am grateful to God that we have her.  I suppose the real question is: Who rescued who?  The cat or the human?    I wrote a poem in Mischief’s honour soon after her adoption:


A cat, a pet

A form of therapy

I thought cats were solitary

Lonely creatures

On the ‘outside’

Looking in


Confounds expectations

She nuzzles close

And begs for attention

Begs to play

No longer a stray


She brings me

Things that glitter and sparkle

Just for me

And drops them at my feet

She begs for a cuddle

A stroke


Nuzzles my legs

And settles close

Her paws outstretched

To frame my face

She head butts me

Grooms me, licks me


She rests and sleeps

Ever alert for the tiniest noise

Her ears prick to attention

Off she runs

To explore and play

Finds pleasure in every day


 © Michelle Sherlock © Looking4Godtoday.wordpress.com 2014 All rights reserved

5 thoughts on “Thank God for cat therapy

    • I was scared of my cat when I got her, more than I was when I held my own newborn baby. When I first looked at my cat up close with her red mouth and big teeth, I was afraid. I had visions of vampire cat on the loose – that imagination in me running wild. Now I just see a gorgeous, friendly cat who nuzzles me for attention. The kids adore her too


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