“The homeless are doing well out of this conference.  I watched earlier as someone knelt next to a homeless man and told him, ‘You’re not invisible.  God loves you,’ and gave him some money’.”

“I know, I saw one man before covered in stickers, saying ‘Wear love out’.  I reckon he must have been really blessed today.”

“Out of 4000 women, even if only 1 in 10 give, these homeless guys will do really well!  I gave one person money and a sticker to add to his collection on the basis it might help some of the others see he’s already had loads.”

“We do need to share it around but the point is to show God’s extravagant love, not keep score.”

“True, I had not seen it like that.”

“I saw one person with loads of bags of food and other goodies around him that he had been given and told another to go and stand closer to where the other one was as he had far less.”


Jesus said, "As much as you do it for the least of these - you do it for me" Photo of homeless man dressed in green jacket, beige trousers and yellow cap with a pony tail from free photos on morguefiles

Jesus said, “As much as you do it for the least of these – you do it for me”

Musings from Cherish 2014 in response to writing 101 challenge on using dialogue to illustrate, “Give and take”.


 © Michelle Sherlock © Looking4Godtoday.wordpress.com 2014 All rights reserved






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