Photo of old black 1970s phone although ours was actually burgandy red

Imagine 7 (Bio) Response to Writing 101 Challenge

Hesketh Bank 4-2-4-2

My phone number as a child of 12

55 the number on the bright yellow door

An Avenue named Sydney

No relation to Australia

Imagine 7 to a 3 bedroom semi

A ‘double’ bedroom housing 4 girls

While my brother, the Prince and Firstborn Heir

Reigned in a room for 1 aka ‘the box’

Imagine the bathroom dramas

1 toilet for 7

1 bath

1 plastic shower tap attachment

A tiny kitchen

A cheap yellow formica counter

A blue plasticised ‘wood-grained’ kitchen table for food on the go

Every inch of space accounted for

A serving hatch

A slim hallway

A living room cum dining room

With white wood and glass sliding doors

Housing an extending table

Piano with burgandy stool

Multi-coloured Playpen

Green settee and chairs

One red and black pouffe and one of yellow and tan that slid under the coffee table

A Swedish sideboard topped with an elephant lamp

Bookcase complete with television

A brown and orange patterned carpet

A coal fire and grate

Imagine 7

Need I say more


 © Michelle Sherlock © Looking4Godtoday.wordpress.com 2014 All rights reserved

Written in response to Writing 101, Day Eleven: Size Matters.  Today, tell us about the home you lived in when you were twelve. For your twist, pay attention to — and vary — your sentence lengths.


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