Dear Son

I love you and am so proud of you, of your gentleness, kindness, sense of humour, passion and drive.  I want to give you some advice that I wish I had accepted and followed when I was 16.  I hope these points will guide you as you enter into further education and your journey into adulthood.

  1. Consider this: ‘What does God require of you?  To love mercy, to do justice and to walk humbly with your God.”
  2. You are already enough.  You have all the seeds of destiny that you need already wrapped up in the package that is you.  Plant them wisely, nurture them, feed them, support them and grow.  The grass is greener where you water it – what you put your attention to will thrive.
  3. Making a difference starts with you.  Be the change you want to see.  Let your life count for something, avoid drifting along on someone one else’s current.
  4. Make positive life choices, plan, have goals, you will achieve so much more than you would otherwise.
  5. Your future stretches enticingly before you, don’t let it be swallowed up by computer gaming and the internet.
  6. Photo of lad at Go Ape up in the trees, harnessedAvoid falling into the trap of following other people’s life choices and opinions as if they were your own.  Mark out  your own path, understand where you have come from and where you are going. Understand fully what it will take to get you there and commit wholeheartedly to your decisions.
  7. Have fun, laughter, joy, dance, giggle, travel, explore, live.  Don’t be content to just talk and dream – take action.  Create a bucket list and go for it!
  8. Remember that life consists of small priceless moments which will never return again.  Don’t get so lost in your career path and the heavy workload associated with that, that you miss out on love, friendship, family and God.  No-one on their deathbed or in a care home wishes they had spent longer at work.
  9. Make room in your life for socialising and friends, they are likely to form your fondest memories and your support network for the future.  Remember though that just as you influence them, they also influence you.  Watch where they are going and make sure that it is a direction you are comfortable with as they may drag you with them.
  10. Look after your health and your body.  Muscle and habits you lay down now will stick with you and either support or hinder you.  Don’t miss out on swimming, outdoor sports and travel because of a poor body image – go for it anyway.  Other people’s opinions of you should never be allowed to get in the way of you enjoying life.
  11. Don’t chase after material things, they are like vapour or dust in the wind.
  12. Learn how to handle money wisely, it could save you from so much heartache and open doors and freedoms to you that you would otherwise be denied.  Give 10% away and save 10% and you won’t go far wrong in life.  Don’t use credit for everyday bills, use it only for big capital purchases like a home or a car.
  13. Son at Go ape.   Photo of boy high in trees, roped up going across rope bridgeCheck your comfort zone regularly, make sure it is continually expanding or this will become your danger zone and you could end up feeling trapped or stuck in a rut..
  14. Embrace a broad range of interests, don’t let your focus become too narrow or you will bore yourself silly.  Change is healthy, when you are faced with change at work or school see how you can use it to your advantage and try to be the first to ‘get with the programme’.  You will then have an opportunity to shape what comes next.
  15. Be loving and forgiving, first of yourself then of others.  When facing a choice, ask yourself, ‘Is this loving for me?’ If the answer is ‘No‘ reconsider why you are doing it or considering it at all.
  16. When you are tempted to skimp on the effort required to achieve what you want in life, ask yourself this question, “Will my future self thank me or curse me for the choice I am about to make?’  Apply this to everything from taking the stairs instead of the lift to your shopping habits or future investments.

Most of all, remember that I will always love you and welcome you, no matter what.  You are my treasure, my beloved son and I am very pleased with you.

Love Mum.

 Written in response to Writing 101 challenge Day 14

 © Michelle Sherlock © Looking4Godtoday.wordpress.com 2014 All rights reserved

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