Are you a keen defender of all things historic with a strong desire to keep things unchanged or are you an early adopter, always racing ahead, seeking to ride the next wave?  Does the contrast in architectural styles thrill you or leave you cold?  How does that reflect you in your every day life?

Louvre: Old and new, monstrosity or triumph?  Photo of the glass pyramid sat next to ancient buildings of the Louvre in Paris, France

Louvre: Old and new, monstrosity or triumph?

Louvre from a distance photo by Michelle Sherlock glass pyramid, tourists, ancient buildings, gorgeous blue sky and fluffy white clouds

Louvre: Does the glass blend in from this angle or does it still scream?

Tower of London and the Gherkin Photo by  Michelle Sherlock

Tower of London dwarfed by Gherkin – Fantastic progress or blot on the landscape?



What’s your perspective?

Written in response to a weekly photo challenge:


 © Michelle Sherlock © Looking4Godtoday.wordpress.com 2014 All rights reserved

3 thoughts on “Contrasts: the old and the new (photo challenge)

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  2. Incongruity – that’s what came to mind from these photos. Some places, their look is their flavor, their icon. These two example were just head-scratchers, for me 🙂


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