Photo of young lady with her hands over her eyes

Too late? Poem by Michelle Sherlock © 2014

Will we wait

Until they come for us

To make our stand?

Will we wait

To cry out

Until it is our fate?

By then it will be too late

We must act now

Before this world turns to hate

Before millions of slaves

Become billions

Twenty-seven million slaves too many

When God knows there shouldn’t be any

Will we wait

To cry out

Until it’s our fate?

Will we wait until it is too late?

 © Michelle Sherlock © Looking4Godtoday.wordpress.com 2014 All rights reserved

By educating ourselves and raising awareness, we can add to the number of feet on the ground to help identify potential slaves and secure their freedom. To find out more visit these websites:



3 thoughts on “Too late? (poem)

    • Thanks Karuna for your interest. We all need to play our part in changing the world, in this poem I have focused on ending human trafficking and slavery but it could easily be so many other topics. Raising awareness may stop one person getting trafficked or help one person become free. Some people have been targeted for trafficking through facebook and job adverts. It isn’t limited to the poor and illiterate, university students applying for summer jobs or people snatched from the streets are becoming victims. We must take a stand.


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