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Recapturing the lost art of relaxation

Today I showed love to myself, not just to others.  I had a beautifully long lie-in until I was finally disturbed by my well-named cat, Mischief, nuzzling close for attention, followed very closely by my daughter begging me to take her and her friend out for the day.  Pausing long enough to pen a quick poem and have lunch, we grabbed our beach towels and made our way to a local outdoor brine pool.

It was 20C (68F) which was rather colder than I would have liked for only my second outdoor swim of the year.  I am one of those people that gets to the steps and hovers with my feet in the water trying to force myself to make the plunge.  I gradually moved forward until I was waist high and then still struggling to immerse myself fully, I continued on tip toes until that moment when it was so deep I had to swim.

Why is it that even though the water is as warm as bathwater it still feels sooooooooo cold when you first get in?  It was worth it though, the salt helped heal the blister that I had earned at the gym and the water felt silky and velvety against my skin.

I challenged myself to complete 30 lengths of the 30.84m pool which considering my current state of fitness was a challenge but the leisurely pace I set allowed me to complete it with ease and still have time to throw my daughter around in the pool and duck her a few times!   If you can imagine someone doing breaststroke with their head firmly out of the water, trying to keep their hair dry – that would be me.  I was doing really well at the dry hair thing right up until the point when a girl dive bombed me – bless her!!  After that, I did try lazily swimming on my back and some star floats but I felt ridiculous and disliked the sensation of having my head so far back in the water.  So after ducking my daughter a few more times, I got out and managed a blissful 20 minutes on a sun lounger doing literally nothing.  I found it harder to lie still than I had to do the swim!

While I was there I saw a 19-year-old friend of ours’ Luke who earlier this year spent over 40 days largely paralysed in intensive care.  You can imagine my joy seeing him walking around and back on his summer Lifeguard duties.  As a community, we prayed for his healing as at several points he was not only paralysed by a mystery virus, he also almost died due to difficulties breathing.  His case is so miraculous, the doctors’ are planning to write a journal article about him.  Luke blew the final whistle, ending today’s swimming session and as he did so I gave thanks to God for the beautiful relaxing afternoon I and the girls had just enjoyed and for Luke’s healing.

By the time we got home it was time for tea, I considered soup but in the end settled for leftovers.  In complete contrast to my day, my husband has caught up on a long list of DIY jobs that had begged for his attention all year:

  • Attaching glass crystal knobs to the doors in my lounge – they look stunning and match in well with my crystal ceiling lamp, lamp-stand and window ornament
  • Fitting new bath taps and shower attachment to our bath – before the water used to just trickle out
  • Replacing a broken toilet seat
  • Fitting new brake disks to his motorbike
  • Mending the punctures on our daughter’s bicycle

Today has been a blessed day where I managed to relax, please my family and still fit in some writing, while my husband showed me love through my love language of ‘Acts of Service.”

photo of sun set in Cheshire on a beautiful summers day, trees, houses, blue sky, fluffy white clouds, bright sun set

Relaxation rediscovered

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2 thoughts on “Art of relaxation

  1. Beautifully written. Always good to take the time to remember the sweet times and to be grateful for a partner who knows how to tell you he loves you and his family without saying the words.


    • Hi Gloria, thanks for commenting. I agree we often rush through life, often doing good, but somehow heedless of what’s going on around us, even in our nearest and dearest. My new door knobs are still twinkling at me and I am still feeling blessed.


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