I am one of those people who adore shopping and easily spend way too much on lots of little things that do not add up to much by themselves, but which in a hamper can look fabulous.  These are a sample of before and after pictures of containers within containers as per today’s photo challenge!

Container challenge 6

Before wrapping

Container challenge 1

After wrapping

I was introduced to hamper making in 2011 which was a particularly hard year financially.  I realised how much of a fritter spender I was when I started to put hampers together and was able to make about three quarters of 10-12 hampers without buying anything extra!  Thankfully I have improved somewhat since then and our spending is more under control although I still have my moments of excess!

Container challenge 3

Before wrapping

Container challenge 4

After wrapping

What started out as a way of making present giving and Christmas more affordable has turned into a beautiful hobby.  Most years I even get given the baskets to make the hampers with so I can just focus on the contents.  I was going to stop making hampers after the first year as I thought people would be bored of them but I keep getting asked for them again and have also made some on behalf of friends.  I think people like the variety and surprise element as well as the lovely presentation.

Make up and toiletries hamper

Make up and toiletries hamper before wrapping and books

Make up and toiletries hamper after wrapping

Make up and toiletries hamper after wrapping


.Thanks to advice on the forums of MoneySavingExpert.com, I have a new more affordable hobby and an outlet  for all those special little things that I buy.  Hamper making and being an occasional personal shopper for others helps make retail therapy a little more affordable!

Images and words © Michelle Sherlock 2014


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