Experiments in Lanturne poetry, a relative new form for me accompanied by my photos.  The idea behind a lanturne poem is that you have 1 syllable, then 2 then 3 then 4 then back to 1 taking the form of a Japanese lantern hence the name.  I would love to hear which ones work best for you.

Photo of blue, red and white flowers (petunias) in baskets between Chester's Roman ampitheatre and Chester's wall and gate

Blessing Lanturne Poem Image: Chester, July 2014 © Michelle Sherlock



Every day

In a new way


Change Lanturne poem and image of Michelle Sherlock wearing a read and white sweetheart neckline dress outside against green and red landscape

Change Lanturne Poem and Image © Michelle Sherlock 2014


Is all

I can change

So begin with


Photo of light streaming through hedge archway across fields

New Mercies Lanturne poem and image © Michelle Sherlock 2014



Morning His

Compassions fail


Chester Racecourse, thousands of people, funfair, horses

Pray Lanturne Poem & Image: Chester Races © Michelle Sherlock 2014


Like there

Is no lack

For abundance


Photo of playing fields with cotton wool cloud effect and bright sunlight heading towards dush

Hearing Lanturne poem and image © Michelle Sherlock July 2014


In a

Still small voice

A whispered


© Michelle Sherlock © Looking4GodToday 2014

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