Photo of rusty sailing ship called the Grey Lady on its side in the mud

Broken Relationships poem by Michelle Sherlock

Version 1:




Once flying high


Anchored even in a storm

Now ripped apart


Dropped like a stone

Who can mend

What has now fallen?

Who can forgive and release?

Version 2:



Torn apart

Once an anchor through the storm

Now torn free from its’ moorings

Drifting on endless seas

Dropping like a stone

When storm billows roll

Is there hope to mend life’s canvas

To stitch our souls back together

Or has absence become fonder than presence?

Is it too late for us?

I wrote two versions of this poem – Do you prefer version 1 or 2 and why?  I would love to have some feedback.

© Michelle Sherlock 2014


6 thoughts on “Broken relationships (poem)

  1. They each have some great lines and maybe could be combined into one. They were hard to read as I am dealing with the end of a friendship as I read it. Thank you.


    • Hi Gloria – I wrote the poems and then have done my best to mend the relationship with a card, flowers and a visit. I need to follow up again but its’ hard to take the risk but should be worth it.


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