Photo of the inside of the Harrogate Royal Baths with repeating archways, cylinder shapes, stained glass, gilded pillars and richly textured dark wood furniture

Texture: Image taken at Harrogate Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant © Michelle Sherlock 2014

I recently had the privilege of eating at the Chinese Restaurant which now resides within the hallowed halls of the Royal Baths at Harrogate, its earlier guests have included x-factor stars and others of the rich and famous. The £1-1.5M spent refurbishing the building is visible in the artistic juxtaposition of old and new, marble and wood carvings, pillars and stained glass.  The blend of history and Chinese culture perhaps made easier by the Moorish design of domes and repeating archways.

Photo of stained glass archways set above pillars and plaster mouldings all in constrasting gold and white paint

The Royal Baths subtly enhanced reflecting the glory of the past and the best of the present © Michelle Sherlock 2014

Initially objected to, the transformation is now hailed as a beautiful work of art and something to aspire to.  Marble terrazzo floors complement wooden decoration; green foliage lightens walls; while a corridor of archways leading to a carved wooden dragon disk begs to be explored.  The restaurant paraphernalia making the view seem that of a back corridor of a palace instead of a place for commoners to eat.

Marble competes with historic wooden decoration, green foliage lightens walls, while a corridor of archways is made meaningful by a carved wooden disc of a dragon in the distance

Crescent Room, Royal Baths, Harrogate © Michelle Sherlock 2014

Harrogate’s Coat of Arms has been given pride of place inside the doorway again offering a feast of textures to delight the eyes.  The flavours of the food were equally pleasing and artistically presented.

Harrogate's Coat of Arms set above the internal doorway © Michelle Sherlock

Harrogate’s Coat of Arms set above the internal doorway © Michelle Sherlock

.Everywhere you look there is something on which to feast your eyes and delight your senses; from carved wooden dragon balustrades to beautiful furniture; to ornate Chinese vases through to simple, yet beautiful orchids; their roots, like those of the building which houses them, subtly on show.

Orchids beautifying glorious wooden furniture in Harrogate's Royal Baths © Michelle Sherlock 2014

Orchids beautifying glorious wooden furniture in Harrogate’s Royal Baths © Michelle Sherlock 2014

A brief glimpse of texture and photography with the Royal Baths Chinese Restaurant in Harrogate holding centre stage.  I would definitely go again!

Words and images © Michelle Sherlock 2014


For more information visit http://www.on-magazine.co.uk/yorkshire/yorkshire-features/royal-baths-harrogate/


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