Photo of tree lined avenue at Dunham Massey, Cheshire, October 2013

God’s challenge to me this weekend – Stop hoarding, simplify your life and give more away. Image Credit: Jeremy Sherlock Oct 2013 @ Dunham Massey, Cheshire, UK





Fear for the future






Hope for the future

© Michelle Sherlock 2014


2 thoughts on “Clutter vs Simplicity (poem)

  1. Hi Michelle, nice post. I was just thinking that my word for the new season will be Simplicity, I really need to get rid of many things around, do a big clean up to see what is left clear.


    • Hi Elizabeth, I definitely should go for Simplicity; it is still a struggle for me though as I remember much of my childhood as a time of going without. It is hard to let go now even though I know I have way too much stuff. However 4 bin bags of stuff to give away and 1 bin bag for the dustbin later, I have made a start and hope to continue through this week while I am off. I am also getting the kids to do the same and intend to tackle my unusable (full) study too!


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