Blue skies on a cloudy day

Bright colours scatter gray

Fluffy white clouds gather

And dissipate

Form shapes then ebb away

Chased by sunlight across the sky


Trees rustle

Gently announcing their presence

Butterflies flutter and flirt

Distantly lawnmowers drone


Children shriek and dash

Chasing fun and laughter



daring greatness

Fear and worries dissolve

Forgotten in the sunshine

Of just one more Summer’s day

leaves like fire

Autumn’s coming

Trees holding their leaves tightly

Taking back each life drop

Nutrients needed

For the coming hibernation

Colours changing

Leaves like flowers

Shine on an Autumn day


Leaves are falling



across the sky

The ebb and flow of life

One day bright, another day dull

Coming round with every increasing speed

Colours of fall

Stand to attention

P r i c k   u  p     y  o   u  r       e   a    r    s

This   is   it

Your  moment

Your  year

All too soon your life is past

Honour its’ passing now and then

Chart its’ direction

Lest you get swept along on another’s ride

Only to find yourself too late, undone

© Michelle Sherlock 2014

(First photo taken June 2014 and last photo taken at Dunham Massey October 2013)


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