This blog from last year reminds me of the beauty in letting go of perfectionism


My garden is different - is yours?  Photo of a corner of a garden with a waterfall feature photinia fraseri red robin, belgian honeysuckle, cotoneaster,  witch hazel, bluebells, smoke bush, kerria japonica, fatsia, ferns, Are you willing to be different? To stand out from the crowd? To risk a few weeds to create a thing of beauty?

How does your garden grow? My approach to gardening may be a little different.   In just one corner of my garden I have photinia-fraseri red robin, Belgian honeysuckle, bluebells, witch hazel, cotoneaster, kerria japonica, fatsia, ferns, geraniums and a smoke bush.  Chances are I also have more than a few weeds with nettles and dandelions trying to take root here too.   For my friends who like straight lines and not a weed in sight my garden can be a challenge; for those who are happy with a more organic, even haphazard approach to gardening where weeds are tolerated and sometimes even welcomed, my garden is a thing of beauty.

That corner is one of the more successful, well-developed areas of my garden.  The area next…

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