More in-depth look at some of the scriptures that fascinate me or that uplift or challenge me

barbed wire crown of thorns, creating heart shape on bible on story of woman caught in adultery

Ten Tips on finding God in the midst of suffering

Tonight I was given the opportunity to speak at a Churches Together event.  When I asked God what I should Continue reading

Photo of Cologne Cathedral from the outside against a dark royal blue sky

What does grace really mean?

So many people have a distorted view of God and how He views us.  We are busy trying to live Continue reading

picture of doorway with steps and a hand rail along Chester City Wall

Doorway of forgiveness stands on the threshold of destiny

Victim or perpetrator, God wants you to fulfill your destiny in Him. Saul of Tarsus who was on the way Continue reading

Photo of logs of wood symbolising the burden we carry that we could give to Jesus and share with others

What are you carrying?

Yesterday, God gave me a picture of a friend completely bent double and staggering under plank, after plank, of wood. Continue reading